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Video:Top 10 Dorm Comfort Items

with Cindy Kunz

Bring the top 10 dorm room items before you move away to college. These are the top ten things every college dorm room needs in order to have some of the comfort from home.See Transcript

Transcript:Top 10 Dorm Comfort Items

Hi! I'm Cindy Kunz, an interior decorator for, and today I'm going to talk about what I think are the top ten comfort items for your dorm room.

10. Dorm Room Area Rug

Dorms are notorious for hard linoleum floors that get gritty and grimy, and if you have a little area rug, it'll give you a place to sit down to do your homework and hang out without getting gross.

9. Fan.

If you have air conditioning in your dorm room, you might not need it, but sometimes it just gets too hot. If you don't have A/C, you'll really need one.

8. Mini-Fridge

If you're allowed to have one and you have room for one, you should get one, because you never know when you're going to want a late night bowl of cereal. And you have to remember that they come with pretty short cords, so pick up an extension cord that's made for small appliances.

7. Storage Bin

It's got a nice, tight lid. Label it, fill it up, stick it under the bed, it's yours.

6. Desk light.

I know it's probably on the list that the college sent you of supplies that you need to get, but you really, really, really will need one. So go ahead and pick one out that you like.

5. Electric Teapot or Coffee Maker That Is Dorm Room Approved

It's kind of like the mini fridge idea. If you're allowed to have one and it'll fit, you should probably get one. And I like to look for one that has an automatic shut-off, in case you forget to turn it off.

4. Portable Speakers

Get yourself a set of portable speakers to use with your music player. I have a really nice set that I use in my studio, I hook them up to my laptop. It's got two speakers and a subwoofer.

3. Fold-Up Chair

Get a fold-up chair, because you will have company, and that company will be sitting all over your bed. So if you have a couple of these, they fold up into their little bag, you can stick them in the closet when you don't need them, and bring them out when you have people over.

2. Bedding

I know it's on the list that the school sends you, but let's talk about what you really should get. Start with a mattress topper - either a quilted one or one of those smooth foam kinds. And then get yourself a couple of sets of cotton sheets; a bunch of extra pillowcases; a polar fleece blanket - those are super washable; and then a fluffy duvet with a cover. And if you have a nice afghan or blanket from home, bring that. And then the most important thing - I can't stress this enough - is to bring your pillow from home, because there's nothing worse than breaking in a new pillow.

The Number One Dorm Room Comfort Item to Bring From Home Is:

Your favorite raggedy old stuffed animal that's been in your room since you were little. You know the one.

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