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Video:Make a Personal Space in Your Home

with Anne-Marie Barton

Good decorating is about more than just impressing guests. Home & Garden expert Anne-Marie Barton shows you how to create a warm and cozy space, just for yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Personal Space in Your Home

I'm Anne-Marie Barton. In this fast passed world, we often miss the chance to define ourselves. Why not start within the walls of our own homes.

Carving Out Personal Space

In the process of designing home after home, year after year, I notice my clients concentrate most on rooms they cook in, entertain in or sleep in. Rarely is much attention given to a room meant just for ourselves, a room of solace or comfort. It's usually the very last thought on people's minds. Perhaps there is something to be said for being a bit selfish.

Ways to Create Personal Spaces

This room, dedicated solely to music, is an example of how we really could spend our time "living."

Even without the money to dedicate an entire room, set aside a special place where you look forward to escaping... writing, listening.

With the rush of everyday living, we need a retreat. Fill it with your own embellishments, collectibles that express who you are, your personal journal, your favorite fountain pin, or in this case, a collection of classical music!

When we surround ourselves with uplifting, beautiful things that are simply "ours," we feel nourished and ready to get to the business of spreading joy to others!

I'm Anne-Marie Barton, About Home.
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