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Video:Install Shower Curtain Rods

with Jennifer DeCristofano

Install your own shower curtain rods and hang a shower curtain in any bathroom in just a few minutes.See Transcript

Transcript:Install Shower Curtain Rods

Hi! I'm Jennifer DeCristofano for Home. A new shower curtain rod and curtain is one of the best ways to freshen up the look in a bathroom! So today I'm going to show you how to mount a new shower curtain rod and hang a fresh shower curtain on your new shower rod!

What You Need to Install Shower Curtain Rods

For this project, you will need:
  • A shower curtain rod
  • Chower curtain rod mounting brackets with screws
  • A tape measure
  • A number 2 pencil
  • A Philips head screwdriver
  • Shower curtain hanging rings
  • A new shower curtain

Install Shower Curtain Rods

First, we need to hang the shower curtain rod. To make sure your curtain rod will hang evenly, we need to measure out where the mounting brackets will go on the wall. With the shower curtain folded out, hold the shower curtain up over the bathtub and near the wall next closest to the edge of the tub. Make sure the curtain is dangling roughly 5 to 7 inches over the edge of the tub.

Using your number 2 Pencil, make a mark on the wall where the top of the shower curtain is located. With your measure tape, record the distance from the ceiling to the mark on the wall and from the rear wall of the tub to the center of the mark. Transfer these measurements to the wall on the other side of the bathtub.

Using your Philips head screwdriver, screw in one shower curtain rod mounting bracket at the mark on each wall. Insert each end of your shower curtain rod into the brackets.

Hang Shower Curtain on Rod

Now its time to hang your shower curtain. To do this, hang each of the shower curtain rings on the rod before attaching the shower curtain. Next, slide the hole on the top of the shower curtain into the shower curtain ring and squeeze the clasping ends of the ring together until the ring snaps shut. Do this for the remaining holes on the shower curtain.

So there you have it, a whole new look in the bathroom!

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