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Video:Install a Ceiling Hook

with Luis Sierra

Dress up a corner or add life to a small space by hanging your favorite plants or objects from the ceiling. Learn how to install a ceiling hook.See Transcript

Transcript:Install a Ceiling Hook

Hi, I'm Luis Sierra for Home. Today I'm going to show you how to install a ceiling hook.

Tools Needed to Install a Ceiling Hook

The tools required for this project are:
  • an electric hand drill
  • a drill bit of the appropriate size
  • goggles to protect the eyes from falling debris
You will also need a ceiling hook kit, available in most major home stores. In the kit, there is a hook; a spring-loaded anchor; a threaded shank or screw, which is threaded on both ends; and another threaded shank or screw, which is threaded on one side and has screw thread on the other side for wood installation.

Thread the Hook Through the Anchor

To install in a sheetrock ceiling, you will use an anchor. Hold the anchor in one hand and partially thread the threaded shank with the other. Then thread the hook on.

Make certain the anchor folds down towards the hook, as this is what will suspend on the opposite side of the sheetrock ceiling.

Install the Hook in the Ceiling

Mark your spot for the hook. Drill the hole without using too much pressure. With the anchor folded, install the anchor and screw through the ceiling until the anchor opens. You should hear a click.

Gently pull on the hook and twist until it's snug. Do not over tighten.

Hang the Object

You are now ready to place whatever objects you want from the ceiling. Keep in mind the weight of the object used.

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