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Video:How to Put Up Wallpaper

with Debbie Anderson

Looking to brighten up your room with a fun pattern, or keep it subtle with a splash of color? Then try using wallpaper!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Put Up Wallpaper

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com Home. Wallpaper is a great alternative to texturizing or painting a wall. So today I'm going to show you some basic steps on how to hang wallpaper while making it look great.

Wallpaper Supplies

For this project, you will need a large sheet of plastic, prepasted wallpaper, a measuring tape, a straight edge level, a pencil, a clean sponge, water, a water tray, a light non-abrasive liquid cleaner, a few clean dry clothes, multiple razor blades, and a wallpaper sweep.

Prepare the Room for Wallpapering

To get started, lay a large sheet of plastic on the floor near the wall where you are working. Next, if the wall you're working on has electrical outlets, turn off the power at the circuit box for the room you are working in.

Prepare the Wall for Wallpaper

After removing all picture frames, electrical outlet covers, and nails from the wall, use a clean sponge and soapy water to scrub off any dust or dirt from the wall. This will allow the adhesive to work better. Using a clean dry cloth, completely dry the surface of the wall.

Measure and Cut the Wallpaper Strips

With your measuring tape, measure out from the corner of the wall and mark the width of the paper minus a 1/2-inch. Place a level at the mark and draw a straight vertical line. This line will act as a guide for where your first two strips of wallpaper will meet.

Next, hold up your wallpaper to the wall and mark the wallpaper with a pencil where you want the pattern to begin near the ceiling. Using a sharp razor and straight edge, cut the paper to the desired length. To give yourself a little fudge room, leave an extra 2-inches at the top and bottom of the wallpaper strip.

Wet the Wallpaper

Fill up your water tray just about half-way to the top with lukewarm water and slowly slide the sheet of wallpaper through the tray until the entire strip of paper is wet.

Book the Wallpaper

Next, book each strip of paper by folding the wallpaper paste side to paste side, and allow the paper to sit for 3-5 minutes. Booking each strip of wallpaper will allow the paper to relax and expand to its natural width.

Sweep the Wallpaper

Using your wall markings as a guide, tack the corners of the wallpaper to the wall near the ceiling. Using your wallpaper sweep, smooth out the entire strip, working diagonally from the top downward, and from the center of the paper to the outer edges.

Repeat this process for all remaining strips of wallpaper. When applying each additional strip of wallpaper, match the patterns and then butt the edges of the strips together before smoothing out each additional strip along the wall.

Trim the Wallpaper

Finally, use a razor blade to trim the wallpaper around any electrical outlets and to remove excess wallpaper at the top and bottom edges for a clean finish.

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