How to Decorate a Superhero-Themed Kids' Room Video
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Video:How to Decorate a Superhero-Themed Kids' Room

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Decorating your child's room can be be both fun, and a great way to get your kids creatively involved. In this video, learn how to decorate a superhero-themed kid's room.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Decorate a Superhero-Themed Kids' Room

Hi, my name is Karyn.  I'm with Dynamic Interiors and Events in Gardiner, NY. Today for I'm going to show you how to decorate a Superhero themed kids room.  

Include DIY Projects in Children's Room

As you'll see when I take you through the room, the theme is done with accessories and DIY projects rather than more expensive bedding, curtains, and pillows. This way when your child out grows that superhero theme you're left with primary colors that lend themselves to another theme such as America the Beautiful or maybe a nautical theme.  

Decorate with Accent Colors

I've used red, blue and pops of yellow to achieve our theme. Colors can really have the greatest impact on a room's appearance. For example, I would paint the focal wall a vibrant red and on a secondary wall, such as the wall with the tv, I would want to do that in a blue.  

How to Incorporate Super Hero Themes in Your Child's Bedroom

Doing accent colors really add life and personality to the room. One of our yellow pillows I've paid homage to Batman and Superman by downloading, printing, and coloring logos which I've just attached to the pillows. It's really an inexpensive touch to add that theme to your pillow. Our curtains continue the theme with a nod to Spiderman up on the curtain rod. I've also added kites to the wall. It's an unexpected and inexpensive surprise. This Spiderman container is actually an easter basket I found at a toy store.  But it makes a great place to corral all your kids action figures while continuing with that superhero theme.  I created fun superhero inspired banners by downloading logos and mounting them on oak tag.  

And don't forget to make your kid his own pennant. It'll be a really fun way to incorporate him into his own room. Our wall art is also done with Batman's bams and pows, also downloaded printed and colored. I simply attached them to photo boxes and arranged them on the wall to give them interest and dimension to the wall and a zap of color. There's a cute craft corner that I created to give your child a play to create and display his own artwork. The table is topped with one yard of inexpensive fabric and you can see he's already had some of his friends over to color and create and display their artwork right on the closet door.  And last, what kid wouldn't want his very own bat signal.

I've fashioned one on a tripod with an LED light with a toilet paper tube around it and a mini bat signal. So when you turn it on, bam, up on the ceiling, there's his very own bat signal.  

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