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Video:How to Case a Window

with Steve Crider

You can add character to your windows by casing them, an easy process that you can accomplish with a few mitre cuts. Learn how to case windows using this decorative style.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Case a Window

Hi, Steve Crider here for Home and Garden. Home remodeling for the do-it-your-selfer is bigger than ever, mainly because you're going to save a ton of money. One of the projects you're going to find yourself up against is casing a window and you know what, it looks a lot tougher than it really is.

Now my wife wouldn't let me tear up the living room for this video and that bothers me, but that's for a completely different So here we are in the basement at the project wall.

Choose a Cased Window Style

There are several different ways to case a window. You can get a rustic look using rough, sawed lumber and butt joints. We're going for a more refined look using moldings and mitres.

Mark the Window

Ok, what I'm talking about is going for a more refined look with colonial casing and 45 degree mitres on our corners. Before you cut the first thing you want to do is mark a three sixteenths reveal around your window. The reveal is simply the space between the outside of the window jamb and the inside of the window casing.

Mitre Cut the Casing

From there we'll set our saw at forty five degrees. Next we'll line up our mark and make our first mitre. On this end I'll make what is called a butt cut and I'll show you why in a minute.

Nail the Window Casing in Place

We take the piece we just cut and line it up with our reveal marks. Next we'll take our finish nailer and put in a couple of nails on each edge. We'll hold our top piece of casing up just so we can mark it and then back to the saw.

Cut the Next Piece of Casing

Line up your marks and you're ready for your next cut. A little touch of glue will keep those mitres tight all year long. And now we're ready to nail this one in place.

Make a Window Apron

Now if you noticed, we used mitres up here, but we used butt cuts down here. That's because we're going to install what is called an apron on this bottom edge. To make an apron, simply take a piece of casing and flip it upside down. The fat end is now on the inside. Then we'll mark it sow it extends about three quarters of an inch on each side and make an angle cut on each end. Finally, put it in place and nail it.

See, that wasn't so tough was it? My wife didn't have a thing to worry about. I'm Steve Crider. For more helpful tips, join us on the Web at
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