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Video:How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

with Denise Willard

Learn how to arrange your living room furniture so that you can take advantage of your space in an effective way. Here are some tips for how to arrange your living room furniture.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Hi, I am Denise Willard with Decor by Denise and today I am going to discuss with you how to arrange your living room furniture.

Choose a Focal Point to Arrange Living Room Furniture

The first thing you want to do when you start looking at your furniture for your living room is to decide where is your focal point? A lot of times, it's very obvious because you'll have a fireplace, a beautiful picture window, a big TV for instance is another big focal point these days. So first you want to define where that main focal point is and then start arranging your furniture accordingly.

Create Conversation Areas to Arrange Living Room Furniture

The biggest thing to think about when you are arranging your furniture is how to create natural conversation areas. It's really important because not only do you want to arrange the furniture set, so that it draws attention to your focal point, but you also want to create natural groupings and seating areas so that people are comfortable and can talk comfortably when they are seated.

Consider Traffic When Arranging Living Room Furniture

It's important to remember to take into account, the traffic flow. You want to make sure that people can comfortably sit, get up, move around within the space, but also between the space and in the other areas within your home. If there is a major traffic area for instance, you want to allow at least 36 inches, to make sure people can get in and out comfortably.

Think About Area Rugs When Arranging Living Room Furniture

Once you have arranged your furniture, you don't want to forget about the area rugs. Area rugs are really key, because they help to clearly define the space. So definitely you want to take in that into account.

If you have a very large area and you are really concerned about cost, because large area rugs can end up costing quite a bit, one of the things that we do in our business is we actually work with our clients to buy broadloom which is basically a carpet that you would use in a normal space wall to wall. You can actually have it cut any size, have the edges bound and create a nice area rug for a fraction of cost.

Add Accessories When Arranging Living Room Furniture

So once you have got your area rug in place, you definitely want to add accessories. Accessories are what icing is to cake and who wants cake without icing, right? So now it's time to add pillows, artwork and all those decorative vases and things like that to really bring a space to life.

And those are some tips for how to arrange your living room furniture. Thanks for watching.

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