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Video:Fancy Napkin Folding

with Jonathon Stewart

Looking for that extra something to fancy up your dinner table for guests? Try these easy napkin folding techniques for flair that's sure to impress.See Transcript

Transcript:Fancy Napkin Folding

Hey guys! Jonathon Stewart here for If you're searching for an easy way to spruce up your dinner table for guests (and an easy way to occupy your kids while you're running around the house like a crazy person trying to get ready), look no further than your napkin.

Napkin Folding Techniques

You don't have to be an origami-wizard to master these fancy napkin folding techniques, just follow along. Check it out. Today we're going to learn three basic folds: the pyramid, the crown or bishop's mitre, and the wine-glass flower.

The pyramid might be a little stuffy for friends and family, but can add just the right touch for business or professional occasions. The bishop's mitre is simple and elegant, and the wine-glass flower is a great accent for any table with its subtle beauty.

Napkin Folding: The Pyramid

For the pyramid, start with your square, ironed napkin fully opened, and fold the bottom corner up to the top to form a triangle. Next, fold the two bottom corners up, making a point at the top, and flip the napkin over. Once again, fold the bottom corner up to the top, then fold in half by lifting at the middle - open the napkin slightly, and you've got a pyramid!

Napkin Folding: The Crown

For the crown, start by folding your napkin in half, top to bottom, then fold the bottom left corner up, and the top right corner down to create a fancy parallelogram. Next, carefully flip over and rotate a half-turn counter-clockwise. Then, take the bottom edge and fold up to the top, allowing the small triangle of napkin underneath to pop out on the right, then unfold the top layer on the right the rest of the way up.

Take the left side of the napkin and fold over the imaginary line created by the lowest point of the napkin, then fold the right flap back down. Flip the napkin back over, tuck the right corner into the flap on the left, stick your hand in the middle and you've got an elegant bishop's mitre.

Napkin Folding: Wine-Glass Flower

For a wine-glass flower, start by folding your napkin in half, then fold it in half again to make a small square. Rotate your napkin a turn and a half, so that the four corners are at the top. Next, fold the napkin from right to left, accordion style, and pinch at the center between your fingers. Fold the bottom corners up, and carefully peel the layers back to form the flower's petals. Place in your wine glass, and you're all set!

See how pretty these things can look? Even though they will be destroyed the moment your guests sit down and wipe their greasy fingers all over them.

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