Secure Kitchen Cabinets For An Earthquake - Eartquake-Proof Cabinets Video
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Video:How to Secure Kitchen Cabinets for an Earthquake

with Amy Volker

Do you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes? You can easily protect your dishes and glassware from shattering all over the floor by securing your kitchen cabinets against earthquakes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Secure Kitchen Cabinets for an Earthquake

Hi I'm Amy Volker, for Home. Today we're going to show you how secure your kitchen cabinet doors to keep dishes and other items inside from falling out in the event of an earthquake.

Supplies Needed to Secure Cabinets for Earthquakes

To secure two cabinet doors for an earthquake, you will need:
  • positioning tape
  • 2 catches
  • 2 latches
  • screws
And to make your job easier, a power drill will come in handy.

Why Use a Latch to Secure Cabinets for Earthquakes?

The catch will catch the latch like so in the event that the earthquake throws dishes and other items inside the cabinet against the cabinet door. Anyone who has experienced an earthquake first hand or seen one on television understands the power of this natural disaster, and the massive property damage that can ensue.

You'd be very likely to find all of your dishes and other breakable items shattered on your kitchen floor. The latch we are installing today, is meant to prevent this from happening by keeping your cabinet doors securely closed.

Position the Earthquake Cabinet Latch

First put the positioning tape about an inch in from the edge of the cabinet. Then, place the catch on the positioning tape to get a sense of where the latch will be positioned on the cabinet door. Peel away the tape and attach the catch. Now affix the latch to the cabinet door with positioning tape.

Secure the Cabinet Latch

Now it's time for that power tool. You'll want to drill holes where the screws will go through the catch. This will make it easier to position the screws. Time for that power drill again! It will take four screws to secure the latch.

Test the Cabinet Latch

Now the moment of truth. Close the cabinet door. Now open it. Not so easy, huh? To open, simply push up on the latch and pull.

Congratulations! You've secured your cabinet against earthquakes.

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