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Tired of the same old bathroom? Turn in that tired tub and sleepy sink for something stylish and relaxing. Home & Garden Guide Anne-Marie Barton helps you get started.See Transcript

Transcript:Designer Bathrooms

I'm Anne-Marie Barton.

Planning Designer Bathrooms

When it comes to style, no room in the house should be forgotten. Look for ways to turn something predictable into your sanctuary. When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, go ahead and dream. Look through the magazines and find something unexpected. Today we are going to show you how you really can make your dreams come true in what we call gourmet bathrooms.

Selecting Special Pieces for Designer Bathrooms

We are with Casey at Ann Sack showroom. Obviously a beautiful and very unique showroom, some things we can afford and some things we can't. But in general, over all, you can pick something you love and base everything else on that.

What about something like this? This was in a magazine and we like the feel of it. Probably can't get every element but where can we start in a showroom like this?
  • With this you can look to some concrete vessels, nice concrete top reflecting this monolithic look.
Up close we have a vessel of cast concrete and a wall mount faucet. What does something like this cost?
  • $650 for the Faucet
  • $940 for the Sink
  • $1100 for the Top
  • $900 for the Base
Ok, now this is quite minimalistic and quite practical. Is this what's happening these days?
  • Yes, it's a clean look and very contemporary and open beneath. That's a big inspiration.
So Casey, how about something like this?
  • Right here we have a beautiful free-standing tub by Michael Smith, based on a 1940's deco Manhattan apartment style. Taking something from the past but stylizing and keeping it current yet timeless.
Timeless and it really creates a focal point obviously as it does in the magazine. So what are we into it price wise?
  • Between $16 thousand and $23 thousand depending on the finish you choose for the drain and such. So over here we have a beautifully designed, very contemporary, very clean line bath tub. It is an acrylic tub. It's very large and very deep. Its free-standing on three side and could easily be free standing on four sides.
So not a bad alternative compared to a 20 thousand dollar tub. This one is closer to $1700 and its comfortable.

Now this is what I would call a gourmet shower, rainfall shower head above and maybe even have some body sprays along the wall with that. What are we looking at for something like this?
  • As featured you're around 3300.
And it looks something like what I found in the magazine. So for an extra $1200 along with $3300 for the rainfall shower head, you can have what is really termed a gourmet shower. And this is something worth basing your entire bathroom on.

Designer Bathroom for Less

Now if these items don't fit in your budget there are some alternatives at Lowes.

Something like this a mirrored vessel sink with a wall mount faucet and vanity $1250 or even less the white vessel sink with vanity and faucet only $705. It may not be exactly what you've seen in the magazine but it's the same feel and look for a lot better price.

It's easy to do the regular stuff why not step out of the box and create a surprise for the eye.

I'm Anne-Marie Barton About Home.
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