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Video:15 Uses for a Chest of Drawers

with Cindy Kunz

A chest of drawers can be much more than just a place to keep your clothes. Here are 15 uses for a chest of drawers, in all of the rooms of your house.See Transcript

Transcript:15 Uses for a Chest of Drawers

Hi! This is Cindy Kunz for About.com, and today we're going to talk about 15 ways to use a chest of drawers. Pay attention -- I'm gonna go fast!

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in the Bedroom

Store your clothes in your dresser in your bedroom. We've been doing that for ages. No surprises. How about beside your bed instead of a nightstand? It's a pretty luxurious option. If you have the room, I'd do it. How about putting a nice chest of drawers in a big closet? You can hang a rail over the top and use the dresser for things like lingerie and scarves, little things that just get cluttered up in a closet.

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in the Kitchen

Let's move this into the kitchen -- this would make a neat kitchen island. You could put casters in the bottom if you want to move it around. You could line the top with tile or stainless steel, or leave it wood if you want.

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in a Kids' Room

If you have a teeny tiny kids' room, you could put your child's bed right on top of two identical dressers. Secure them together, build a little platform and a safety rail on the top, plop the mattress down and you've saved a ton of space!

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in the Bathroom

Alright, we're rolling this over into the bathroom now. It's going to become the base for a sink. So instead of purchasing a vanity, find yourself a cool dresser, measure around and cut a hole for your sink, or you can get the kind that sits on top and just drill through for the plumbing. I would cover the top, though, with a heavy marine varnish to protect it from water.

If you have a big enough bathroom, adding a piece of furniture really brings great character and style. You can use this to store your towels and extra toiletries instead of something that's built in. It looks great!

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in the Living Room

Let's move it into the living room. This would be a great place to rest your eyes, on a nice piece of furniture instead of something functional for storage.Did you ever have a room where you floated your sofa in the middle instead of up against the wall? Put a dresser behind it! If you can, install a lamp. How about using your dresser as a TV stand instead of a big entertainment center?

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in the Dining Room

How about putting this in your dining room instead of a traditional buffet or server? Serves the same function but it looks a little different and is more interesting.

Uses for a Chest of Drawers in a Home Office

I store a lot of stuff in my home office, and I don't like to look at it. So this would be a great place to store all my papers, all the little cords and electronic things that have to do with home office work.

Additional Uses for a Chest of Drawers

If you have space right by your front door, put a little dresser there. And on top, have a little basket for your keys, and a pretty mirror, and you're set. You know when you have a flight of stairs and you have that awkward triangular wall? That's a terrific place for a small dresser. Well, now I'm dragging this dresser outside to the garden shed. Just imagine - put potting soil bins in the drawers. Your gardening gloves, your seeds, all of your equipment -- and then use the surface for potting!

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