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Video:How to Minimize Stress About Infertility

with Dr. Ingrid Rodi

Stressing about infertility can compound problems with getting pregnant. Watch this video to learn how to minimize stress about infertility.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Minimize Stress About Infertility

Hi, I'm Dr. Ingrid Rodi and I am a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility with  Today I am here on behalf of to talk to you about how to minimize stress about infertility.

Why You Should Minimize Stress About Infertility

Many of my patients and their partners want to know if stress causes infertility. Well, stress is not birth control, but it can lead to a lifestyle that is not conducive to getting pregnant. People who feel stress do a number of unhealthy things. For example, some smoke cigarettes, some smoke marijuana, some drink too much alcohol, and some eat too much food, and some starve themselves. Some exercise too much, and others are couch potatoes. Many don't sleep enough and don't have enough sex.

Relax to Minimize Stress About Infertility

Think of it this way -- you need to make some room for a baby in your life. A baby is going to be very time consuming. Once a woman is pregnant, she is going to have to give up smoking, drinking alcohol, strenuous exercise, and a workday longer than eight hours. So, why not start before getting pregnant? Eat a healthy diet. Sleep eight hours a night. Exercise in moderation. Have sex frequently. Go on vacation. Get a massage.

Seek Therapy to Minimize Stress About Infertility

If you would like to meet other people who are facing the same issues, join a fertility support group. If that seems like a lot of listening and not much talking, see an infertility psychotherapist. Acupuncture can help relieve stress and improve the chance of pregnancy. So, stress probably doesn't cause infertility, but reducing stress will help you be able to put up with the demands of fertility therapy. Thank you for watching. To learn more, visit us online at

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