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Video:Tips for Shotgun Safety

with Mike Sebbert

Want to learn about shotgun safety? Here, see tips for making sure that you're minding rules and safety tips when shooting.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Shotgun Safety

Hello my name is Mike Sebbert, and I am an avid lifetime hunter, a member of the NRA, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Kansas First Upland Pioneer Chapter. I am here today to talk about shotgun safety for

Tips for Shotgun Safety

The importance of shotgun safety is the fact that you are responsible, and you should know and be comfortable with the weapon you are holding. When it comes to shotgun safety you can never be too safe. There are many, many things put in place on shotguns and hunting rifles in order for you to not hurt anybody or yourself. One thing is I always carry my gun with the breach open in order that you can always see that there is not a shell in the magazine ready to fire.

More Tips for Shotgun Safety

Secondly every gun is equipped with a safety. This one is right here and if you push this button it is now fire ready. You always want to make sure your safety is on when you are ready to go. When transporting a weapon always have it pointing up or down, never at someone else. Never transport it with your finger on the trigger. Always have your finger away. The only time you put your finger on the trigger is if you are ready to shoot. If you have kids in the house, I would never store a loaded gun in the house. The only way you could get away with that, if you are comfortable is a gunsafe. I would choose a very nice gunsafe with a combination lock, never let your kids have the combination or play on, in, or around a gun safe.

Additional Tips for Shotgun Safety

When you keep a gun in a gunsafe, the humidity control keeps your gun from rusting out therefore keeping your gun in working order. Never clean a loaded weapon, make sure that the barrel is free and unobstructed from anything, you have no shells in the magazine you do not want an accidental fire or discharge. It works for storing, cleaning or hunting. Never have a loaded gun while you are traveling to and from where you will be hunting or in storage to and from your hunting destination. When you are ready to actually hunt and/or fire your gun the only safe option is to have your safety on until you are ready to shoot. I always have my finger on the safety and if a bird or an animal or whatever I am hunting pops up I can easily transition from pushing the safe off to fire and then pulling the gun up to fire.

Shotgun Safety

When hunting, before you go out always check with your local laws and check with your state hunting practices to find out what you can and cannot do and all your other safety procedures.

Before you start a hunt , make sure you are mentally prepared and you have a mental checklist of things you need to do and take care of before you begin. Always keep your safety on, follow your safety guidelines. When you are in the middle of a hunt always look where you are hunting and where others are around you.

You never want to point a gun at anybody or even close to around somebody. Your shot will go somewhere. Always take into consideration it can go further. It will not stop when it hits your target or your intended target. It can go further and may even go farther than you intend.

Thank you for watching and for more information on shotgun safety check us out on the web at

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