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Video:How to Shoot a Shotguns

with Mike Sebbert

Learn how to shoot a shotgun from start to finish. By keeping safety in mind and using these tips you can have successful hunt with your shotgun.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Shoot a Shotguns

Hi, my name is Mike Sebbert I am an avid hunter, and a member of the NRA, and a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Today, I would like to talk to you about how to shoot a shotgun for

Have Permits and Safety Equipment for Shooting

Before going hunting with any shotgun or any weapon you will need to do several things. You will have to obtain the proper permits and or hunting licenses in order to successfully and legally hunt whatever you are after.

You will also need to prepare your gun and have all of your safety equipment necessary. Safety glasses are a must, and also hearing protection. I carry around ear plugs that I have with me at all times.

Depending on what you are going hunting for you will need the proper attire, an orange hat is required for certain hunting techniques.

Safely Travel with the Shotgun

You always want to make sure the safety is on when in traveling and when preparing to shoot. Never point it at anyone always point it up or down and in a safe position.

When shooting always be aware of your surroundings, make sure that beyond your shot in your shooting range there are no people, houses, livestock, anything that could be damaged by your shot exceeding past your target.

Prepare to Fire the Shotgun

And now with all of your safety precautions in place, you are ready to get ready to fire your gun.

Step one, once your safety is on everything is there, you can now take your shell and load it into the magazine. Step two you want to take it, manually load it into the chamber, your gun is now ready to fire.

Your stance when shooting is very important. You want to take your lead leg place it out a little bit in front of you, and your back leg set to take the brunt. You will have some recoil from a shotgun. You want to be up over your leg, so that way you have a wide base. When you pull the gun up pull it up strong and let it sit in the crook.

Here is how we do it. Take proper stance, you want to be set in your way look beyond where you are going make sure your open range is ready to fire in, take your safety off, and fire.

Eject Live Ammo When Done Shooting

We just fired our weapon, now if you are done shooting for the day you can now eject any live ammo making sure the gun is clear. Return it to the safety position and you can now lower your weapon.

Thank you for watching and for more information on how to shoot a shotgun visit us on the web at

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