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Video:How to Clean a Shotgun

with Mike Sebbert

A clean shotgun is essential to maintaining your gun and having a successful hunt. Check out these step to thoroughly clean your shotgun.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Shotgun

Hi, my name is Mike Sebbert. I am an NRA member, a lifetime hunter, and a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation member. Today I am going to talk to you about how to safely clean a shotgun for

Always Practice Safety Around Shotguns

Shotgun cleaning tips, one thing you want to do is worry about safety. Check that your gun is on the safe position. It is actually unloaded and free from any ammunition.

Items to Clean a Shotgun

  • oil
  • bore cleaner, you will need a
  • rod the length of your barrel,
  • wire brush and cloth tool
  • some wiping cloth.

Insert the Cleaning Brush into the Shotgun

Now whenever you are doing a rod type cleaning, you will want to throw your brush onto your rod, like so, grab some bore solvent, apply to the brush. Take your shotgun with the breach open and then insert the cleaning brush down there until you see the brush come through. That ensures that you have reached the maximum cleaning. Repeat a few times just to make sure your brush is cleaning the inside of the bore.

What we will put on here is now what I like to call a patch pusher, we will take these patches; nice clean patches we will put on the end and we will insert that into the bore. And repeat like we did, watch it come through, grab it pull it out and you now have a clean bore.

Use a Bore Snake to Clean a Shotgun

Another way I like to clean my gun. This right here is a twenty gauge bore snake as you can see it has a weighted string for reaching the length of the barrel, a little cleaning brush, and also a wired cleaning brush. What you will want to do to use this method is take your bore cleaner and spray a little bit on your bore snake. Then we will take the gun, with the magazine open, we will insert the weighted string.

Basically what we are doing is fishing the bore snake to the end of the barrel. Now when you see it come through the magazine you will grab the string, then continue pulling the string until the snake comes completely through. Now that it has exited you are completely clean and ready to shoot.

Clean Exterior of the Gun

Now after the barrel and the bore are clean, what you want to do is take the oil and some wiping patches with your gun still open go ahead and spray all the moving parts, or mechanicals, lightly with this oil.

Close it up then spray this exterior lightly. Take your patches and run over the gun getting rid of any excess oil, removing any fingerprints which can cause rust.

Thank you for watching. For more tips and tricks on how to clean your shotgun, check us out on the web at

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