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Video:How to Clean a Rifle

with Mike Sebbert

Learn how to clean a rifle with this video demonstration. With a few gun cleaning tools and helpful tips, you can get your rifle clean and in proper hunting condition.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Rifle

Hi, my name is Mike Sebbert. I am a lifetime hunter and a member of the NRA and the National Wild and Turkey Federation. I am going to be here today talking to you about how to clean your rifle for cleaning a rifle you will need several things; first off REM oil, bore cleaner, you will need a rod the length of your barrel, a wire brush, and a cloth tool, and some wiping cloths.When cleaning your gun there are a few safety tips that you need to think about before starting. Number one, always make sure your gun is empty and in the safe position, now we will take the magazine out, make sure there are no shells, check the chamber, nothing, this gun is clean and ready to go.First things first what we will do is grab a rod, make sure your rod is the same bore length and able to reach down the entire length of the barrel and able to get cleanliness. What we will do now we will take a 22 cleaning brush, we will attach this brush to the rod. Secondly, we will grab some bore cleaner and we will spray the bore cleaner onto the brush. You will insert the brush and the rod into your rifle until it reaches the magazine. I can visually see the brush inside there, I know it has reached the end. Pull it out to the edge and run it down one more time for final cleanliness. Remove the rod, take the brush off of your rod and replace it with a wipe rod piece. What you will take now is a little piece of cloth and there is no need to add any more lubricant to it. You will put the cloth on the end. Now insert this into your barrel and again push it down your barrel until it reaches the magazine. You may now remove it from the magazine, and you can visually inspect for cleanliness. Repeat as necessary in order to get your barrel as clean as you need.Now secondly, we will want to clean the exterior and all of the mechanized products in this in order to keep it functioning. What we will use today is REM oil and we will spray it on all of the mechanized parts such as your trigger, your magazine, and then we will lightly coat any metal on the gun. We will take these patches and we will go over and wipe all excess oil in order to get a nice clean finish.You now have a safe, clean, and ready to use rifle for the next time you go and enjoy target practice or hunting.Thank you for watching and for more tips and tricks on how to clean your rifle check us out on the web at

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