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Video:Before You Buy a Rifle Cartridge

with George Horne

Before you buy a rifle cartridge consider what you are hunting. Check out these factors that will help determine the right rifle cartridge for your hunt.See Transcript

Transcript:Before You Buy a Rifle Cartridge

Hi, I am George Horne owner of The Gun Room in Lakewood, Colorado. I have been an avid hunter for 30 years and I am here today with to talk to you about things you should know before you buy a rifle cartridge.

Game Determines Rifle Cartridge Size

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a rifle cartridge is the type of game you are going after. Usually, the bigger the game, the bigger the cartridge. Don't be overwhelmed by the many different cartridges on the market. If you stick with one of the mainstream cartridges that are used for that type of game, you will be well on your way to having a successful hunting trip.

There are things to consider when you are looking at different types of rifle cartridges. If you use too big of a cartridge on smaller animals, the problem is you wreck more meat, and the purpose of hunting is to have game fare and to put food on the table. So you definitely want to stick with the right style of cartridge and the right type of bullet. Even though you are using a smaller cartridge, if you use the wrong bullet, especially an expansive bullet, it really can do a lot of damage to the animal.

Choose the Most Effective Rifle Cartridge

When using different types of cartridges for different types of game, the 22 caliber being definitely the most popular cartridge of all because of the very inexpensive price and is very user friendly for new hunters and new shooters. When hunting bigger game like bear and elk you definitely want to stick with a cartridge that will take the game in an effective manner.

Most states have a legal cartridge size, or legal cartridge limit in foot pounds and bullet weight. Check your local game laws before purchasing a cartridge for those types of game. Thank you for watching. If you need any more information please visit

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