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Video:What Questions Are Asked by Human Resource Departments in Interviews

with Annie Viruet

Prepare for a job interview by knowing the questions typically asked by the Human Resources department. Giving solid answers to these questions will help you ace the interview and land the job.See Transcript

Transcript:What Questions Are Asked by Human Resource Departments in Interviews

Hi my name is Annie Viruet and I am the HR director at the Neighborhood Defenders Service of Harlem. The questions that you should ask an applicant are the questions that are basically going to fulfill your overall need in looking for someone to be able to do the job a 150%.

Job Interview Questions Ask for Specific Examples of Experience

When I begin an interview I ask open ended questions, open ended questions usually lead to the interviewee giving a little more of their personality and how they would handle specific situations on the job. I ask questions that will give some type of idea of what type of worker this perspective employee or this interviewee will be in the future. I ask them to give me examples or different scenarios they might have been in where they've used their education at any given point in time and utilized that into actual work environment.

Job Applicants' Skills and Passion are Evaluated

I ask is this something they always wanted to do? Is there a specific way they do their job function? I also ask them if they want to continue doing this? Is this a career? Is this just a stepping stone in their employment career? Are they happy doing what their doing? How have they gotten along with their past supervisors? How they've gotten along with their peers. I can't ask how old are you? That's a definite no. What you can ask is when did you go to school? When did you graduate from college? In conclusion the questions you should ask make sure that the position your looking to fill is filled with somebody worthy of it.

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