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Video:How to Write a New Employee Welcome Letter

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Welcome a new employee with a formal letter because it is important that new hire acclimate to the office environment and feel comfortable in their new workplace. Check out these tips for writing a new employee welcome letter.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Write a New Employee Welcome Letter

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we're discussing how to write a new employee welcome letter.

The Welcome Letter Should be Warm and Professional

A new employee welcome letter should be typed on professional letterhead or high-grade white paper. And be sure to spell the new employee's name correctly! Double-check their resume, their e-mail - make sure you have a salutation, a Mr. or Mrs., as well as the name spelled correctly.

An employee welcome letter tells what he or she needs to know before starting with their new job. But be sure to start your letter with a warm and friendly welcome. Something about how you enjoyed meeting them at the interview, or how you can't wait for them to start in their new office.

Next, include a brief statement about what their role will be at your company, including their job title. You should be able to steal this directly from the job statement you used in the classifieds, in an online posting, or what you received from your human resource development office.

Include Additional Paperwork with the Employee's Welcome Letter

The next step in your letter is to refer to any enclosed information. Often a new employee welcome letter is enclosed with a packet, with things like employee compensation and benefit information, first day information, supervisor or mentor contact information, and sometimes with the employee's or organization's role or mission.

End the letter with who they can contact for support and questions. Be sure to include that person's name, job title, and best way of communicating. Include an e-mail address, a phone number - be sure to put that in the letter, and use Greetings or Salutations at the end of your letter. Yours truly, Gratefully, Looking forward to seeing you, and be sure to sign your name.  Keep in mind the new employee welcome letter tells the employee exactly what they should expect the first few days of work. This letter should be warm, friendly and informative. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.
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