How to Write a Formal Thank You Letter Within a Professional Environment Video
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Video:How to Write a Formal Thank You Letter Within a Professional Environment

with Meghan Lynn Allen

The professional thank you letter used in an office environment should be be both personal but overly casual. Learn some tips for writing a professional thank you letter if you can't seem to find the right words.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Write a Formal Thank You Letter Within a Professional Environment

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing how to write a formal thank you letter in a professional environment.

A Professional Thank You Letter is Polite and Brief

There are a few things to keep in mind as you sit down to write your letter, before you actually write it. You want to keep it professional, but personal. Short and sweet, but without getting too casual with colloquialisms.

Keep the letter to a page, or preferably to a half-page, using high quality white paper, and be sure to keep it timely. Send it the day of, or after, your interview, job acceptance, or rejection.Make sure the address the letter correctly. Is there a job title that's appropriate? Do they go by Ms., Mr., or Mrs.? And it's always helpful to grab their business card on their way out of the office, or check the website to make sure you have the correct spelling.In the first paragraph, you want to make sure the words thank you are in there, and tailor the letter to the situation. Talk about where you met, the date of your interview, or what kind of ideas you exchanged.

Always End the Thank You Letter on a Positive Note

The second and final paragraph should state the intent of your letter, and end on a positive note. It's never a bad idea to thank someone twice in a thank you letter - so thank them for their time, mention that you look forward to working with them in the future. Any way you can end it on a positive note - that's your second and final paragraph.

End the letter with closing salutations like yours truly, or gratefully. Remember to sign your letter, and keep copies of everything you send. Make sure you have someone proofread your letter before you send it, be it a friend, a family member or a co-worker. Have them repeat the intentions of the letter back to you. Make sure the message you wanted to state was communicated clearly.

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