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Video:How to Minimize Negativity in the Workplace

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Want to learn how to minimize negativity in the workplace? Here, see tips and tricks for how to do it effectively.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Minimize Negativity in the Workplace

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing how to minimize negativity in the workspace.

Information About Minimizing Negativity in the Workplace

The single most traceable cause of workplace negativity traces back to employers making decisions without employees feeling like they're part of those decisions. Make opportunities available for employees to voice their opinions on such things as workplace policies and strategies. You can have small team meetings, or large open forums where everyone is free to voice their opinions.Treat people as adults with fairness and consistency.

Tips for Minimizing Negativity in the Workplace

Develop workplace policies that reflect those attitudes. For example, if an employee requests to take leave, there should be a policy in place that is the same for every individual.Try to minimize the number of rules that you apply to the workplace or the organization. Don't set rules for everybody if there are just a few people that need to change their attitude or behavior. Workplace negativity also often stems from miscommunication, bad communication, or no communication at all.

More Tips for Minimizing Negativity in the Workplace

As a manager or a CEO, make sure you have policies in place to communicate with your team effectively. You might want to think about a Monday morning wrap-up where you chat with the company for 15 minutes over some free coffee and donuts.Be sure to provide opportunities for your employees to grow and develop with the company, to always be learning new things, and to expand their leadership skills. You can consider retreats, workplace training, or even just one on one conversations with employees about how they're doing, and what's expected of them.

Additional Tips for Minimizing Negativity in the Workplace

Try putting a rewards and recognition program. You can do this as simple as certificates - no cost at all - or a dry erase board on the wall marking achievements, milestones, and goals that your employees are meeting. Or you can make it a little more in-depth if you have the budget. I suggest gifts no larger than the amount of $25, and think about the timeline for these rewards. You want to make them timely as to when they've achieved their goals.

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