How to Judge Potential Employees on Behavior and Mannerisms Video
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Video:How to Judge Potential Employees on Behavior and Mannerisms

with Angela Lussier

A potential employees behavior and mannerisms can be the most telling part of the job interview. Learn how to gauge actions and behavior to see if the candidate would be a successful employee.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Judge Potential Employees on Behavior and Mannerisms

Hi! This is Angela Lussier for, and today we'll discuss how to judge potential employees on behavior and mannerisms.

Looks for Signs of Confidence in their Mannerisms

Observing the handshake, eye contact, body language and what is NOT being said are all excellent ways to judge a candidate. You can start with the handshake. Does this person approach you with confidence, or do they look like they were shying away from you? Do they make eye contact and give you the impression they cared about what was happening? Were they smiling or did they look like they didn't care? Looking at all these elements will help set the stage for a very successful interview.

Notice if the Employee is Engaged in the Conversation

Once you're sitting at the table, observe the candidate's behavior by paying attention to the following actions: Did this person bring visuals to show their work, a portfolio or samples? It helps you see if that person is organized, and recognizes the importance of detail. Most people won't bring visuals to the interview. But if they do, it'll help give you that indication that they'll go above and beyond.

Did this person ask any questions when given the opportunity? And if so, did they seem interested in the answers? When exiting the interview, did the candidate seem hopeful and eager, or anxious to leave?

Make the Employee Interview Casual

Interviewees can often feel uncomfortable in an interviewing situation. In order to help them feel more at ease, try a couple of these tips: Tell the interviewee that the interview is casual and they don't have to act like someone they're not. Let the interviewee know that they can ask questions throughout the interview so they feel less inhibited.

Paying close attention to the elements of the interview other than what's said, like body language and mannerisms, will help you to pick the best candidate. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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