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Video:How to Find Out if a Potential Employee Is a Team Player

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Find out if a potential employee is a team player by preparing the interview and job description Check out some tips for narrowing the pool of applicants to discover which potential employee is the best team player.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Find Out if a Potential Employee Is a Team Player

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we're discussing how to find out if a potential employee is a team player.

Start Searching for Team Players in Your Network

Start by creating your applicant pool from applicants that you know to be team players already. Ask people that you work with - friends, colleagues, people in the industry - if they could suggest someone who's a team player and has the appropriate skills for the job opening.

Gear Interview Questions to Illustrate Potential Employees Team Experience

When it comes to the interview, be prepared with a list of questions to ask that illustrate whether or not this person is a team player. You might ask them: Give an example of a successful project that you were a part of. What was your role? What were the consequences or successes that resulted as a part of you being on that team? As you continue to explore this employee's idea of team concept in the interview process, ask them to describe two situations in the past where they thought that a team was the best solution to a problem in the workplace. You want to find out if they're comfortable - or even know - with what working on a team is like.

If the candidate has experience with being part of a team, you can explore with further questions, asking: Were you ever part of a team that wasn't successful at reaching its accomplishments?When have you experienced failure? What did you assess from this failure? What did you learn? You can also find out if an applicant is a team player by making it part of the application process. When they fill out their application, they'll fill out their work history; also leave a blank space for a write-in section, and ask one of those applicant questions before you even meet them.

Be Sure the Job Description Attracts Team Players

Always make sure to check the applicant's references, and you can ask for five adjectives to describe the potential employee. Keep an eye out for words like team player. Don't underestimate the candidate's ability to know if they are a team player, or if they work better in individual settings. Be sure when you put that job posting out there, the words team player are big and bold, right there in the job description.

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