How to Effectively Communicate With Coworkers Via Email Video
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Video:How to Effectively Communicate With Coworkers Via Email

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Communicating effectively through email is crucial for an organized workplace. Learn some tips for writing clear and timely emails to co-workers.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Effectively Communicate With Coworkers Via Email

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing how to communicate effectively with your co-workers via email.

The Email's Subject is a Headline

So the first thing is the subject line. It's like a newspaper headline. It should grab your attention and tell the reader what that e-mail is going to be about. A bad subject or headline would be "meeting." A good subject line or headline would be "Meeting: October 5th, 10 AM," or maybe even include the title of the project and what the meeting is about.

Be Clear and Be Brief in Email

Try to send e-mails with one message and one point. And if you need to send more than one point in the message, make sure you're clear about them. A clear message will give you a clear response.And be sure to specify how you would like a response. If you need an email back, a call, or a call to action of some kind, be sure to make that clear in your e-mail. And include your contact information: your name, your number, your e-mail, the best way to get a hold of you.

Want to impress your co-workers and your boss? Make them aware of EOM messages. These are a nice way to save time - and company time. So if you have just a short reply to a message like, yes, no, I'll be there - you can put that in the subject line, and write in capital letters, EOM. That means, "End of message."

Proofread All Parts of the Email

Next and very important is proofreading. Before you send that email to co-workers, before you hit the send button, make sure you proofread it several times, and if you need a little extra help, ask a co-worker to proofread it as well. And here's an extra tip. Before you put in any any recipient emails in the sender line, do the whole, entire email first - the subject, the body, the greeting, the salutation - and read it over before you put in those recipient e-mail addresses. We've all had that experience where you hit SEND a little too soon.

Respond to Emails in a Timely Manner

And finally, be a good correspondent. Make sure you go through your email box regularly. If you're responding timely to your emails, people will return that same favor to you.  Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at
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