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Video:How to Deal With Difficult Bosses

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Want to learn how to deal with difficult bosses at work? Here, see tips and tricks for dealing with difficult bosses.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Deal With Difficult Bosses

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing how to deal with difficult bosses.

Tips for Dealing With Difficult Bosses

Never react to verbal abuse or harsh criticism with emotion. That just furthers the cycle. Oftentimes, when people are treating you that way, that's just to bait you into reacting. So one tactic is not to react with emotion, just acknowledge and move on.

More Tips for Dealing With Difficult Bosses

By doing this, you effectively strip away the power behind that emotional attack, that verbal abuse, and you do it without creating conflict. If your boss happens to be an intimidator or a control freak, the best way to respond is that neutral acknowledgment kind of a way, without being aggressive and emotionally confronting.

Important Tips for Dealing With Difficult Bosses

Keep your professional face on. You have to know the difference between not liking your boss and being professional.You may be able to resolve the problem by using alternative methods of working. If you're out of ideas, consider if there's anyone in your workplace that you trust. See if you're dealing with the same issue and discuss it with them. How are they dealing with it? Also, consider talking with your boss about it. Sometimes it's best to speak one-on-one with your boss about circumstances. During the meeting, make sure you talk to your boss about what their expectations are and how you're doing. And ask for everything to be put down on paper, or sent via e-mail. Tell them you want your job description or review in writing.

Basics for Dealing With Difficult Bosses

Sometimes you need to take the appropriate channels or chain of command and talk to the next person on the ladder. You'll want some documentation, some backup for your case. And you'll need to analyze your own actions, your daily work, your progress, your goals, your results - as well as your boss' bad behavior. You need to know when your boss' bad behavior is too much. You need to make sure that it does not affect your health. You don't want to take it home with you or let it affect your self-esteem outside the workplace.

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