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Video:How to Bring Personal Values to Your Job

with Angela Lussier

An employees personal values are often brought into the workplace and can reflect on the organization's common goals. Personal values help set priorities both at home and on the job.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Bring Personal Values to Your Job

Hi! This is Angela Lussier for, and today we'll talk about how to bring values to your job. Values are traits or qualities that represent your highest priorities and driving forces. What matters to you? When you're part of an organization, it's important that your values align with your organization, as well as the team, and you also want to stay true to yourself.

Personal Values Indicate Business Values

Example scenario: you're given the key to your office to work after hours. You now have access to office supplies, office furniture, and your coworker's property. A person lacking in values would probably take the more unethical approach and take what they think is rightfully theirs, because they are an employee. But this set of values has consequences. Taking the less ethical route could lead your coworkers and supervisors to think that you're not trustworthy, that you're the kind of person who could cut corners, or someone that they can't work with to get the job done.

Individual Values Reflect on the Organization

Values statements are grounded in values, and indicate how individuals can work together in an organization to accomplish a common goal. There are many values. A few examples are: ambition, responsibility, influence, integrity and service.Why should you identify and establish your values? You want to use those values as a foundation for your communications, decision-making and teamwork while at work. You can also use those values to make decisions regarding your priorities in your personal life and at work. Last but not least, your life purpose is grounded in those values.

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