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Video:Hang a Wire Shelf

with Luis Sierra

Wire shelves are a simple, affordable way to organize your kitchen, closet, or laundry room. Watch how to hang a wire shelf.See Transcript

Transcript:Hang a Wire Shelf

Hi, I'm Luis Sierra for About.com Home. Today I'm going to show you how to hang a wire shelf.

Tools Needed to Hang a Wire Shelf

Tools required are:
  • a drill
  • a pencil
  • measuring tape
  • a leveling device
  • a hammer
  • a screwdriver
You will also need a wire shelf hanging bracket kit and a wall clip kit. The hanging bracket kit comes with two brackets, two wall anchors, and nails.

Wall clips are sold separately and hold the part of the shelf that will be attached to the wall. A clip set has anchors, clips, and screws.

Decide Where to Hang the Wire Shelf

Select the spot for installation. Mark the location for the brackets and the wall clips. The distance between the holes of the bracket and the wall clips depends on the size of the bracket.

Once the hole for the first clip has been marked, use a level to mark the rest of the holes.

Install the Wall Brackets and Clips

Once marked, you can begin to drill the holes. Install the brackets by hammering the anchors through the bracket, then hammering in the supplied nails.

Next, install the wall clips by hammering the anchor into the wall. Put a screw through the clip, and screw it into the wall.

Hang the Wire Shelf

After installing all clips and brackets, you can remove the device used for leveling. Now you can take the shelf and place it on the wall clips first, and secure with the brackets.

Once you're satisfied with the placement, pull the shelf down onto the wall clips. Now you can enjoy your newly installed shelf.

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