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Video:How to Buy Appliances Online

with Debbie Anderson

Buy appliances online to save time and increase convenience. Here are tips on how to find a good price and conduct a thorough search as you buy appliances online.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Buy Appliances Online

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for

When it comes time to purchase a new appliance, buying your appliances online can not only save you time and money, it can also be a smart way to find out if what you think you're wanting to purchase is really the right appliance for you. So today, I'm going to show you a few tips that you need to know when buying appliances online.

Perform an Online Search for Appliances

For this first tip, always start by conducting a thorough search on the Internet about the appliance you wish to purchase.

To do this, type in the name of the appliance you want to research in a search engine browser and then click on the links to various review web sites that talk about the type of appliance you are thinking of buying.

Most review websites will show you star ratings, customer reviews about each particular model of an appliance, and oftentimes, these websites will also show comparative reviews about similar models of the appliance you're looking for. This can become helpful when deciding on features you need and want to have, as well as finding other models to consider purchasing if the model of appliance you are looking to purchase, doesn't meet your expectations or have all of the features you're looking for in a new appliance.

Find the Best Available Price

For this next tip, after deciding on the make and model of appliance you wish to purchase, the next step is to find the best available price for your purchase.

To find the best price, enter the specific make and model appliance details in a search engine and then compare various web sites where the appliance you are shopping for is available for sale online.

When comparing prices, always evaluate the cost of the appliance in addition to the price of the shipping and delivery fees, taxes, and the price of installation and removal of your old appliance to find the best total price for your new purchase.

Finally, once you have compared the total purchase price for your new appliance online, call your local appliance retail stores and find out if the online price of your new appliance is really the least expensive way to buy this new appliance.

With these handful of useful tips when shopping for appliances online, you're sure to always find the right appliance at the best price for your home. Thank you for watching. To learn more, please visit us on the web at
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