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Video:How to Change a Burnt Out Fridge Light

with Debbie Anderson

This video demonstrates how to change a burnt out fridge light as easily as possible. See how to change a burnt out fridge light so that you can actually see what's inside of the fridge.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change a Burnt Out Fridge Light

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com.

When It's Time to Change a Fridge Light

Opening the refrigerator door, only to discover that the fridge light bulb has burnt out can make finding your favorite food items difficult. So today, I'm going to show you how to change the burnt out light in your refrigerator.

Supplies for Changing a Burnt Out Fridge Light

For this task, you will need a flashlight and a small replacement appliance light bulb.

Instructions for Changing a Burnt Out Fridge Light

First, before replacing the light bulb in your refrigerator, always unplug the main power source to the refrigerator to prevent electric shocks from happening while you are working.

Next, after turning on your flashlight, open the refrigerator door and identify the location of the burnt out light bulb on the upper inside area of the refrigerator.

Carefully grasp the burnt out light bulb with your finger tips and then rotate the bulb to remove the burnt out light bulb from the socket holding the light bulb in place.

Then, compare the new light bulb with the old light bulb to make sure the replacement bulb is of the same size and wattage as the old burnt out light bulb. When comparing the new bulb to the old burnt out light bulb, you will notice that the refrigerator light bulb is typically 40 watts or less and has clear glass instead of frosted glass.

Once the old burnt out light bulb has been removed, gently place the replacement light bulb in the socket and use your finger tips to carefully screw the new light bulb back in place, just until the light bulb is slightly snug in the socket opening.

Tips for Changing a Burnt Out Light Bulb

It's important to note here that you should always be careful not to over-tighten the new light bulb because this can cause the small wires or glass of the new light bulb to crack or break prematurely, rendering the new light bulb useless in the refrigerator.

Finally, turn off the flashlight and plug the main power supply for the refrigerator back into the main electrical socket in the wall. Then, open the door to the refrigerator and make sure that the new light bulb is working properly inside the refrigerator.

And in just a few easy steps, finding your favorite food items in the refrigerator is quick and easily lit again!

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