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Video:5 Tropical Plants You Won't Kill

with Ray Emrich

Want to fill your home with plants, but don't have a green thumb? Never fear - there are plenty of easy plants that do not require extensive care. See which five tropical plants will survive any home.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Tropical Plants You Won't Kill

Hi, my name is Ray Emrich, I am a technician for Manhattan Plant Experts here in New York City, and I am here for About.com. Today we are going to talk about five plants that are very low maintenance and easy-care - that you do not generally need a green thumb to take care of.

Tropical Plants - Philodendron

First, we are going to start with the philodendron. The philodendron is a very easy-care plant, it basically thrives in low to medium light. It needs to be watered about once a week. You water it well and let the soil drain, but never let the soil dry out completely. Always test the soil -- you can use your finger -- just poke it down and if the soil feels dry down by the roots, then you probably want to water it again. If it feels moist, then you can let it go and then check it again in a couple of days. But again, approximately once a week give it a good watering, let it drain, and it should be happy.

Tropical Plants - Snake Plant

The snake plant is also another very easy-care plant. These plants are what we call succulents, which means their leaves are fleshy and thick, and they actually store water and nutrients in their leaves. So they need a little less water than most other tropical plants, I would say, let the soil go a little dry -- see how the soil is moist but it still crumbles apart? That is just about right for a snake plant. They do not like to be as wet as the philodendron here, which you can see the soil is quite moist. Water it once a week, but not as heavily as you would other tropical plants. The great thing about snake plants is they actually absorb more of the harmful chemicals in the air than other tropical plants and they clean the air better.

Tropical Plants - Corn Tree

The corn tree, again, is another easy care plant. These are probably what people think of most when they think of tropical plants or a tropical tree because of the way the leaves come out in a canopy like this and the thick, woody leaves. With plant food, check your plant food to see how often to feed it. With watering, water it well about once every two weeks -- for a ten inch pot like this, I would say, yes, every two weeks -- give it a good soak and again, let it drain.

Tropical Plants - Marginatas

Okay, lets move on to the marginata. Marginatas are very exotic-looking, they are, again, very easy to care for. They like low to moderate light, although maybe slightly higher light level than the corn plant, but not too much. They can do well in a low light room away from a window. Their main thing is that, if you do overwater them, their leaves will start to turn yellow and they will fall off. So always makes sure you do not overwater your tropical plants. Again, just keep the soil moist, not soaking wet, not too dry.

Tropical Plants – Spider Plants

Spider plants are one of the most common houseplants, one of the easiest care plants. Their great thing is they get all of these little plantlets that you can go ahead and propagate and you will have lots of little baby spider plants! These are five easy-care plants, they are all tropical plants and tropical plants all basically need the same care -- although they do each have their own individual needs.

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