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Video:How to Plant Flower Bulbs in Containers

with Yolanda Vanveen

Plant flower bulbs in containers to help nourish the development of the flower. Here are some tips on how to plant flower bulbs in containers both inside and outside the home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plant Flower Bulbs in Containers

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden and today we are going to learn all about Container Exotic Flower Bulbs.

Choosing an Flower Bulb for a Container

Now there are thousand of varieties of flower bulbs in the world and any plant that's not native to your area is exotic. So it doesn't really matter what types of bulb it is. Any plant that goes dormant for part of the year is considered a bulb and can be forced inside.

Advice for Planting Exotic Flower Bulbs in Containers

So there's a few rules you can follow if you are going to put your plant inside or outside in containers.

My first rule of thumb is if a larger plant, you want to match your container to the plant. These are Sila Proveana, they get big blue flowers and the plant can get large over time. So you wouldn't put this in a small container. Where as, I have little Muscari or grape hyacinth bulbs. All small flower bulbs can live in really small containers. For example, just putting a few of these into a small container is really cute when they come up and bloom.

Whether you put it inside or outside, it doesn't really matter it will grow and come up. So when growing bulbs in containers remember that you want the root to be wet but not the actual bulb to sit in the water at all times. So if you are growing in container make sure to dry out in between watering. If you growing in the water just make sure the bulb is dry but the roots are wet and then you just want to keep it to that line so that the bulb will stay dry and won't rot.

So you can either grow bulbs right into gravel or you could put them right into soil. And my trick is if putting them into gravel, again make sure you set it into the gravel, so that the roots are wet but the greenery is above the ground. And you really don't have to have soil, its amazing bulbs will grow right into gravel. And with containers you want to keep them dry in the wintertime.

Place Flower Bulbs in Containers

So this Star Gazer lily, I am going to put them in a container and I am going to put them outside. They are going to bloom in the summer time and die back in the fall. So I want to keep the container on the dry side, whether I throw it under the eves or cover it with plastic or throw it in the garage. The trick is keep it dry in the winter and they will come back every year. Now if I put it into the container, I want to make sure there is 3 inches of dirt above the bulbs and they are just like a Hershey's kiss candy. There is a root side and more of a tippy side, like a garlic and the tippy side goes up and I like to plant them in groups of two or three cause you never want to put one by itself.

So you want to cover up the bulbs three inches deep if they are smaller bulbs they don't even need to be that deep. I like to leave a little bit of a rim, so when I water them the water and the dirt doesn't just fall over the side. So when you are growing exotic flower bulbs, if there's a plant that's tender and can't freeze at all. Make sure and do your research and bring them inside. If it's a hardier plant like a bearded Iris you can leave it out in a container year round and it will survive whether it's wet or dry. So find out where it's native and you'll find out how to take care of it. Growing Exotic flower bulbs is such a rewarding hobby.

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