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Video:Tips on Growing Bromeliads

with Yolanda Vanveen

Bromeliads are a beautiful plant from the jungles and forests of South America. But you can grow them in your own home. See our tips for growing bromeliads in a pot on your kitchen windowsill.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips on Growing Bromeliads

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden and today we are going to learn all about growing bromeliads.

Bromeliads Growing Climate

Now Bromeliads grow naturally in the forest of the jungle south America and so they really like a lot of moisture, really good humidity and really organic bark dust moss type of soil. So you can recreate the same conditions in a kitchen window it’s really easy.

Soil Conditions

Now Bromeliads don’t need a lot of soil. It’s just a root type of air plant that will grow right into bark or into a stump as easily as well. So I’ve just got a mixture of some compost and some bark dust that I am growing it in.

Watering Bromeliads

So when you water your Bromeliads you really want to make sure and clean off all the dust and water it real well so it get lots of moisture but yet you don’t want it to sit in water. Just let it soak for a little bit and let the water drain out. Now I’m turning around and putting in a pot and there is no drainage in there but there is drainage here. So I want to make sure when I set it back in there so it’s not sitting in water. It’s got good drainage and it’s going to stay moist and dry out in between.

Light for Bromeliads

Bromeliads need some light, whether it’s artificial or natural light. They love the morning sun in this eastern window the best. They can handle midday even afternoon sun as long as is not too hot and it doesn’t burn them in the heat of the afternoon.

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