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Video:How to Sew a Button

with JJ Burkart

There's no need to go to the tailor to fix a broken button. Save some money and do it yourself instead! Learn how to sew a button onto your shirt so it looks as good as new.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sew a Button

Hi, I'm J.J. Burkart for Home. It's a simple fact. Buttons fall of clothes - but you don't have to panic because I am going to teach you how to sew them back on.

Find a ReplacementButton

The first thing to do is to locate a replacement button. Often your shirt will have extras sewn into the inside of the bottom of the shirt. If you have a travel size sewing kit similar to this one, it may include some generic buttons. If you can't locate a replacement then your best option is to take a button from the least noticeable place on your clothing, like the portion of your shirt tucked into your pants or the top button that may be left open anyway. In this example, the button came off in my hand.
You can pick up a small sewing kit at the airport, a department store, or sometimes a convenience store or gas station. Although the contents vary, most kits will probably contain similar items like:
  • thread
  • buttons
  • needles
  • tiny scissors
  • needle threader

Threading the Needle

Now that we have our materials laid out it's time to select an appropriate colored thread. Take the needle threader and pass the wire through the eye of the needle. Now take the thread and pass it through the opening in the threader wire, grasp the needle and pull the thread back through the wire. Match up the ends of the thread and tie a double knot.

Sewing the Button

Place your button on the shirt being careful to align it properly. Now push the needle through the back of the shirt and through any hole. Pull the thread all the way through to the knot, being careful not to pull it through the fabric. Now loop back through the hole directly across from the hole you came through. Repeat this process four times...then switch to the other set of holes and repeat four times being sure to pull the thread tight after each loop.

Secure the Button

With your button securely in place, you will want to tie off the thread. Slide the needle under the center of the thread that is now stretched across the back of the fabric. Pull the needle back through the loop that is created and pull tight to form a knot. Now snip off the excess thread and your shirt is back in the rotation.

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