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Video:Remove BBQ Sauce Stains

with Jonathon Stewart

BBQ sauce is sweet, delicious, and reminds you of summertime - just don't let that BBQ sauce stain linger until December. Try these easy laundry tips and make these tough stains a thing of the past.See Transcript

Transcript:Remove BBQ Sauce Stains

Hi, I'm Jonathon Stewart for Home and Garden with today's 90-second quick tip.

You may want your baby-back baby-back baby-back ribs, or any other delectable dish that tastes best when basted with nothing but genuine barbecue sauce, but what you don't want for sure is the lasting memory of a barbecue sauce stain.

But stick to these simple remedies, and you'll be grilling again in no time. Check it out.

Blot the BBQ Stain to Remove the Excess

The sooner you can get to a barbecue stain, the easier it will be to get rid of. If the stain is still wet, start by gently blotting it with a paper towel to remove the excess from your fabric.

Run Cold Water Over the BBQ Stain

Next, run a stream of cold water through the back of the stain, forcing the sauce back out the way it came. Be sure not to rub or scrub your barbecue sauce stains.

The goal here is to allow the sauce to come out on its own, before it's given a chance to set into the fabric of your clothes.

If you're out and about and can't quite remove the stain with water, do your best to keep the stain damp until you can take the next steps at home.

Soak the Stained Clothes

If the stain does dry, use the dull edge of a butter knife to scrape away any excess that remains on your garment, then run some cold water through the back once more.

Next, apply a small amount of eco-friendly liquid detergent on the stain, rub very gently, and then soak for five to ten minutes. Gently rinse, and assess your progress.

Reapply the Detergent

If your stain persists, try applying your detergent once again. If you've still got some barbecue sauce to tackle, check the tags on your garment to make sure the fabric is colorfast and not labeled "Dry Clean Only," in which case you should probably relinquish it to your dry cleaners.

Add Baking Soda and Vinegar to the Stain

Otherwise, let the fun begin. Remember those silly fake volcanoes you made in the fourth grade? Well, it's time to apply that particular sophisticated breed of technology to your pants.

Sprinkle some household baking soda on your stain, then pour a small amount of white vinegar on top.

The erupting lava-like chemical reaction will force the remaining contaminants to the surface of your fabric, and you can say goodbye to your stain for good.

Wash the Clothes in Hot Water

Dab up the remaining fizz and vinegar with a dry towel, and launder as usual in the hottest water your garment will tolerate.

And remember to never throw a stained article of clothing in the dryer, unless you want to leave it there as a permanent reminder of why you don't want to have a barbecue sauce stain in the first place.

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