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Video:How to Remove Coffee and Tea Stains From Mugs

with Jonathon Stewart

Don't let stubborn stains in your favorite mug spoil your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Try these easy tips, and they'll be history. See how to get rid of coffee and tea stains for good.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove Coffee and Tea Stains From Mugs

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90 second quick tip. If you're a big time coffee or tea drinker, then you're in the company of Beethoven, Balzac, the British, and Mr. Miyagi. Unfortunately, it also means you're probably no stranger to coffee and tea stains, which can be a bloody pain to remove. But check out these simple and natural tips and your stains will be out of your mugs, tout de suite. Ai!

Supplies Needed to Tackle Mug Stains

Coffee and especially tea can leave stains in cups or mugs that don't come out with normal dishwashing efforts, and can even build up over time. To combat these pesky discolorations, try going the all natural route before diving under the sink for chemical abrasives. Salt, baking soda, and white vinegar are excellent alternatives to start with.

Brush Away Tea and Coffee Cup Stains

If you're drinking a lot of tea and coffee, there's one other thing you have that's likely to get stained - your teeth. And, just like attacking stains on your chompers, try using the same tool on your cups. Dedicate an old toothbrush to the task of reaching hard to get nooks in your mugs. Start by dumping a teaspoon of baking soda or white vinegar into the bottom of the cup, add a little water, then brush away the tea stains with ease.

Use Toothpaste on Coffee and Tea Stains

You can also try using a dab of toothpaste. After all - if it works on your teeth, it should work on your glassware, too... Likewise, if you're having trouble with stains on your teeth, you might want to try using brushing with a dab of baking soda.

Cleaning Tough Coffee and Tea Cup Stains

If brushing your mugs for a minute or two still doesn't do the trick, try an oxygen-based laundry cleaner. (Do NOT try this one on your teeth.) Add a pinch to a full cup of hot water, stir, and simply allow the mug to sit overnight. By morning, your coffee and tea stains should be history.

Avoid Future Coffee and Tea Mug Stains

Of course a great way to avoid coffee and tea stains in the first place is to make sure you actually drink your coffee or tea in one sitting, and rinse when you're done. But I have to admit, it is fun to see just how many mugs you can fit on your desk before you absolutely have to do the dishes.

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