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Video:Learn What to Clean Weekly

with Kaytie Sproul

Learn what to clean weekly in order to keep your home properly maintained. Here are some tips on what to clean weekly.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn What to Clean Weekly

Hi, I'm Kaytie Sproul here for About.com, and today we're going to talk about what needs to be cleaned in your home on a weekly basis.

Whether you're expecting company or simply trying to maintain a suitable living environment, a weekly cleaning session is the best way to maximize your efforts while minimizing the time spent on them. So, let's get started.

Dust All Surfaces When You Clean Weekly

The first thing we need to do each and every week is dust. Dust collects on every surface, which can cause breathing issues, so a good weekly dusting staves off the need for a heavy-duty cleaning session.

The most efficient way to dust is from top to bottom to prevent settling. A feather duster or old rags work perfectly well on dusty surfaces, or you can use a vacuum attachment to suck up the dust.

Clean Floors and Vacuum When You Clean Weekly

After dusting, it's time to move on to vacuuming. Whether you have carpet, hard-wood floors, or tile, cleaning your flooring on a weekly basis prevents buildups of dust that can agitate allergies and cause respiratory issues for your family and guests.

You may already be vacuuming high traffic areas on a daily basis, but be sure to tend to other areas of the home weekly. To expedite the process, remove all items from the floor and pick up any large debris before getting started.

Wipe Down Counters and Stove When You Clean Weekly

It's time to hit the kitchen. If you're keeping up on your daily chores, you shouldn't have too many dishes to tend to, but there are some other big items that need your attention. Since kitchens are crammed with multiple things that need cleaning, the most efficient way to get through this section of your home is by making a list of what needs cleaning.

Most likely, your counters and stove top need to be wiped down, and any expired food products need to be removed from your fridge. Sweeping your kitchen floor is also a weekly necessity, as well is mopping if you've had a lot of spills or foot traffic in this particular area.

Bathrooms Should Be Cleaned Weekly

Next, you'll want to move on to your bathrooms; we use them multiple times each day, so cleaning them once a week isn't too much to ask. A quick scrub of your countertops, toilet bowl, and shower will keep things fresh and sanitary. Don't forget to sweep the floor and empty the waste basket on your way out.

Tidy Up Frequently Used Rooms When You Clean Weekly

Lastly, you'll need to clean any areas of your home on a weekly basis that are used frequently. This will vary by individual, but we all use and abuse some areas of our homes more than others. If you thrash your closet between Monday and Friday, then you need to straighten it up weekly.

Maybe you do a lot of reading in your loft, in which case, be sure to put away all books and magazines that you've left scattered around the room. Giving consideration to these particular areas will keep dirt and clutter from building up, allowing you to enjoy them at their best.

Keeping the grime down in our homes means that we don't have to spend entire weekends power cleaning them in the months to come. Spending a few devoted hours each week on cleaning is the best way to maintain our homes while investing in the lifestyle we've worked so hard to achieve.

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