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Video:Iron a Button-Down Shirt and Pants

with JJ Burkart

Unfortunately, it doesn't take a lot of effort to wrinkle clean clothes - but ironing them isn't very hard either. See how to iron a button-down shirt and pants.See Transcript

Transcript:Iron a Button-Down Shirt and Pants

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for Home. I'm going to show you how to iron a dress shirt and a pair of pants.

Ironing Boards

First, set up your ironing board. I use a full size board because it is easier to work with, but small countertop boards will get the job done.

The Right Heat for Ironing

Plug in your iron and set the heat to the proper setting. For cotton or linen shirts you can use a steam iron, or a spray bottle to moisten the shirt. Don't use water with silk fabric because it will create spots.

Ironing Shirts

Once the iron is hot, spread the shirt across the ironing board. Start by ironing the collar of the shirt on both sides. Next iron the sleeves, paying close attention to the cuffs.

The body of the shirt should be ironed last starting with a front side and working around the back to the other side of the front. Be sure you have the fabric flat on the ironing board. If a crease or fold should occur, re-steam the crease and iron the area again.

Shirt-Ironing Cautions

Never leave the iron on the fabric too long or it might burn. Don't iron with small children around. Always leave iron facing up when you aren't using it.

Ironing Pants

Now let's iron the pants. Start on one of the front sides. Pull pants as far as they will go onto the ironing board by the waistband. Work your way around the back to the other side of the front.

Now iron the legs, laying them flat on the board. Flip over and repeat.

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