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Video:How to Remove Mud Stains

with Kaytie Sproul

Learn how to remove mud stains from clothing as easily as possible. Here, see step-by-step instructions for how to remove mud stains from clothing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove Mud Stains

Hi, I'm Kaytie Sproul, here for, and today I'm going to show you how to remove mud stains from clothing using tips from's Laundry site.

About Removing Mud Stains

Mud stains can be a difficult and tricky thing to remove, but with the right products and a little patience, you can easily correct the problem.

Tips for How to Remove Mud Stains

Consider the following: You might be tempted to scrub or wipe the mud off your clothes right away, but the first thing you should actually do is hang the soiled item up to allow the mud to dry out completely. Once the mud has dried, and you're no longer in danger of smearing more of it on to the garment, shake the garment out thoroughly, or use a hand-held vacuum to remove any dried mud clumps.

Next, grab your liquid detergent and apply a small amount to the stained areas of your clothing. Fill your sink or tub with cold water and soak the garment for 15 minutes. As the garment sits in the water, rub the stained area between your fingers every five minutes to loosen the stains. If the traces of the mud are still visible after you've removed the garment from the water, use a solvent-based stain remover on the affected area and allow it to sit for five minutes.

Finally, wash the garment with liquid laundry detergent using the hottest water possible for the fabric. If the stain is still visible once the washing cycle is complete, repeat the previous steps until you've completely removed the blemish. As soon as the stain is gone, you can place the garment in the dryer.

Information About How to Remove Mud Stains Easily

Just a tip: You should always check the label on any garment and closely follow the laundering instructions provided. If the item is dry clean only, be sure to point the stain out when dropping it off so the issue is appropriately addressed. If you're running low on laundry detergent, or don't have a stain remover stick available, you can try a couple of household remedies on the mud stain before running the garment through the washing machine.

Household Remedies for Removing Mud Stains

Apply a small amount of liquid dish soap onto the stain, rub it in with your fingers, and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before washing the garment. Another effective stain remover is Borax. If you have access to this multi-purpose cleaner, you can pre-soak the garment in one part Borax and two parts cold water for about 15 minutes before placing the item in the washing machine. Most stains are hard to remove, but mud stains present a distinct challenge. Remembering to let the mud dry first is key to preventing further damage to the garment, and from there it's simply a matter of patience and persistence.

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