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Video:How to Iron a Shirt and Skirt

with Jennifer DeCristofano

Nothing makes you look more polished than wrinkle-free clothes. Learn how to iron a skirt and shirt, including the button area.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Iron a Shirt and Skirt

Hi, I'm Jennifer DeCristofano for Home. Ironing can be a bit tricky, with so many different designers and clothing materials to choose from.

Today I'm going to show you how to iron a blouse and skirt so each looks perfect every time.

Supplies Needed to Iron Clothes

To iron any type of clothing garment, you will need:
  • an ironing board
  • a clothing iron
  • a small spray bottle of distilled water
Before getting started, adjust the temperature setting on your iron to the cool setting for blouses and skirts.

Prepare the Shirt

Since we have both a blouse and a skirt here, we will start by ironing the blouse first.

Lay the collar of your blouse on the ironing board, and straighten the cloth with your hands and fingers so that no folds exist on the ironing board.

Iron the Shirt's Collar and Cuffs

Once the garment is lying neatly on the ironing board, go ahead and apply the iron to both sides of the collar.

If you notice that your clothes are too dry and the wrinkles are having a difficult time flattening out, dampen the material before ironing by lightly spraying the garment with a little water.

Next, iron the cuffs of the blouse or shirt on both sides with the cuffs unbuttoned.

Iron the Back and Front of the Shirt

For the remaining areas of the blouse, start by ironing the back of the blouse first, taking extra care for the shoulder parts and the seams with the sleeves.

Then, rotate and straighten the garment as you iron the blouse from the back of the blouse to the strips on the front of the blouse where the buttons and buttonholes are located.

Iron the back of the strips with the buttonholes and buttons. Turn over the strips so each is lying flat on the board and iron the front again.

Iron Around the Shirt's Buttons

One special note for blouses is that you want to be careful with the buttons and when ironing around the buttons.

Sometimes, the buttons are nylon, and they cannot take the heat that may be needed for the rest of the blouse material. In this case, avoid touching the buttons with the hot side of the iron, or iron from the reverse side of the buttons for these areas.

Iron the Sleeves of the Shirt

Finally, fold each sleeve carefully along the seam and iron the sleeve backs first and the sleeve fronts second. Be sure to take extra care near the armhole seams on the sleeves.

Button up the blouse and hang it on a clothing hanger immediately.

Iron the Waist of the Skirt

With the iron still on the cool setting, pass the skirt over the ironing board so that the part or seam near the waist is as straight as possible.

Iron this portion of the skirt lying on the top of the board. Then rotate the garment toward you so that another part of skirt is lying on top of the board, and iron this portion of the skirt.

Repeat this process until you reach the point in the garment where you first started ironing.

Iron the Hem of the Skirt

Next, placing the reverse side of the hem on the board, rotate the garment as you iron this side of the hem first.

Finally, iron the outside of the hem and bottom part of the skirt. Hang the skirt on a garment hanger immediately after ironing. And there you have it--a beautiful looking and well-pressed blouse and skirt.

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