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Video:How to Clean a Dusty Fan

with Debbie Anderson

Make sure your oscillating fan is able to perform well by keeping it clean. We'll show you how to clean a dusty fan in just a few minutes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Dusty Fan

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for Oscillating Fans are great for keeping you cool on those extra warm days, however, they need to be cleaned every few months to make sure that they continue working properly. So today, I'm going to show you how to clean a dusty oscillating fan.

What You Need to Clean a Dusty Fan

For this task, you will need a small brush, liquid dish soap, a clean sponge, and clean towels.

Prepare the Fan for Cleaning

First, to prevent unwanted electric shocks while cleaning the fan, unplug the oscillating fan from the electrical outlet. Next, lift the small clips around the screen guard holding the the two halves of the screen guard in place and remove the front half of the screen guard on the fan.

Then, unscrew the knob holding the fan blades in place and carefully remove the fan blades. Next, unscrew the small ring holding the back screen guard in place to the main fan base unit. Remove the back half of the screen guard.

Wash Fan Parts

Once the screen guard halves and the fan blade are removed, pour a small amount of liquid dish soap in the kitchen sink and fill the sink with approximately 4 inches of lukewarm water.

Use a clean sponge to gently hand wash the two screen guard halves and each of the fan blades in the lukewarm soapy water in the sink. Then, rinse each of the fan parts in cool water and place them on a clean towel to thoroughly air dry.

Dust the Smaller Particles

Next, use a clean dry brush to carefully dust, clean, and remove any small particles of dust, dirt, or debris that have built up near or around the motor area of the fan.

Wipe Fan with a Sponge

Then, while making sure not to get any moisture in the motor area, use a clean, lightly dampened sponge to gently wipe down the stand and outside fan base unit area outside the motor.

Put Fan Back Together

Once all of the fan parts are clean, secure the back screen guard half to the main fan base unit. Next, carefully align and slide the hole in the center of the fan blade back onto the motor and tightly screw the knob back into place to secure the fan blades to the motor. Then, align the front screen guard half over the front of the fan blades and secure the front screen guard half to the back screen guard half by pushing all of the small clips back down in place so that each small clip locks the two halves of the fan guard screen together.

Finally, plug the power cord back to the oscillating fan back into the electrical outlet and turn the fan on to make sure it is working okay! And with a little regular cleaning maintenance on your oscillating fan, you'll enjoy clean cool air for many seasons to come.

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