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Video:How to Clean Grout

with Carrie Wise

It may not be the most glamorous job, but scrubbing grout leaves your tile looking brand new. Watch how to properly clean grout.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean Grout

Hi, I'm Carrie Wise for Home. While cleaning grout is not my favorite chore, it is definitely a job worth doing. Let me show you how it is done.

Supplies Needed to Clean Grout

Here is what you will need to clean the grout:
  • a mop
  • a pail
  • store-bought grout cleaner
  • rubber gloves
  • a rag
  • a brush for cleaning the grout

Apply the Grout Cleaner

For best results you want to mop and clean the area first. We will start with an area of ceramic tile. Spray on the grout cleaner.

It is best to work in a section of your floor, and then finish that area and move onto another section. This way you will not get ahead of yourself.

Brush the Grout

Let the grout cleaner set into the floor for about five to 10 minutes. Then you want to use your brush - with a little elbow grease - and target the spot. You should begin to notice a difference immediately.

At this point, you want to wipe up the grout cleaner with a rag. Notice the finished product. This process works for all types of tile areas.

It may seem like a pain to clean grout, but the finished product makes it worth your while. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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