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Video:How to Clean Ceiling Vents

with Debbie Anderson

One area of your home that can be easy to overlook during a regular cleaning is your ceiling vent. These vents can get pretty dirty, so it's important to pay them some attention. We'll show you how to properly clean a ceiling vent..See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean Ceiling Vents

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for!

Cleaning Ceiling Vents

The ceiling vents for your central air conditioning system in the home can become caked with dirt buildup over time, causing them to look very unattractive for all those looking up. So, today I'm going to show you how to quickly clean the central air ceiling vents in your home in just a few easy steps!

What You Need to Clean a Ceiling Vent

For this task, you will need a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment, a tall sturdy ladder, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

Use a Vacuum Hose to Access Ceiling Vents

First, position the ladder under the ceiling vent you need to clean so you can more easily access the ceiling vent. Next, attach the dusting brush attachment to the suction hose on your vacuum and turn the vacuum on before climbing up the ladder.

Then, carefully extend enough vacuum hose so you can safely climb up the ladder while holding the vacuum hose in hand. Use the dusting brush attachment on the vacuum hose to thoroughly vacuum any larger dust particles clinging to the metal slats and edges on the ceiling vent, making sure to also pay special attention to the edges and corners of the ceiling vent.

Remove Messy Buildup

Next, use your paper towels and all-purpose cleaner to remove any thick dust and dirt buildup on the slats and surfaces of the ceiling vent.

To avoid spraying all-purpose cleaner directly into the ceiling vent, spray a small amount of all-purpose cleaner onto a clean paper towel and then thoroughly wipe down both sides of the metal slats and the surrounding metal frame and edges of the ceiling vent.

Repeat this process until all of the metal slats and ceiling vent surfaces are completely clean.

Clean Ceiling Vents Monthly

Now repeat this process on a monthly basis to avoid any future tough dust and dirt buildup forming on your air conditioning ceiling vents and you will always have clean air flowing out of your vents during those warm summer days!

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