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Video:Hide Unsightly Wires

with Jennifer DeCristofano

Are ugly wires crowding the back of your entertainment center? Watch how to expertly hide them using a few simple supplies.See Transcript

Transcript:Hide Unsightly Wires

Hi, I'm Jennifer DeCristofano for About.com Home.

No one likes to see a messy tangle of wires in their home. So, today I'm going to show you a couple of simple solutions for cleaning up those messy wires around your home entertainment center, desk, or area with multiple wires.

Supplies Needed to Hide Wires

To clean up these messy wires, you will need:
  • a pair of scissors
  • cable wrap
  • a cable wrap clip
  • wire ties
For this demonstration, we're going to organize and hide these unsightly wires behind this entertainment center.

However, depending on the set-up of your wires, you can use the cable wrap and wire ties in any combination to hide or organize cables and wires.

Bunch and Tie the Wires

First, we're going to clean up the wires that run down the back of the entertainment center from the components located near the top of the unit to the components located in the bottom of the unit.

Bunch these wires together, and wrap a wire tie around them every 10 to 12 inches, all the way down.

Bunch the Power Cords

Next, we need to clean up the power cords running out of the components in the entertainment center to the main surge protector or power source.

Since not all of the power cords from these components are the same distance from the power source, bunch each set of wires so that higher up wires bunch together with other wires that are located higher up on the entertainment center.

Lay Wires Inside the Clip

Starting from the top and working our way down, bunch these power cords together and lay them inside the cable-wrapping clip. Insert the pointy end of the clip inside the cable wrap, and slide the clip down to lay this group of cables inside the wrap.

Continue this process until you reach the surge protector or the end of the shortest power cord. Twist the wrap or use a pair of scissors to break the cable wrap off at the correct length.

Bunch the Cords Near the Bottom

Next, bunch together the power cords that are located near the bottom of the entertainment center with the other power cords that are located near the lower part of the unit.

Repeat the cable wrap process until these wires reach the surge protector or the end of the shortest power cord.

Plug all of your power cords into the surge protector.

Tie the Remaining Loose Wires

Now, you may still have a few wires dangling around the back because maybe they're running in a diagonal or irregular direction from the other wires, such as speaker wires.

You can always use a wire tie to secure these cables to the cable wraps or other tied cables for a portion of the distance.

Or you can use any poles or beams on the back of the entertainment center furniture itself, depending on the style of the furniture you own.

And there you have it - no more messy wires. Thank you for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at homegarden.about.com.
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