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How to Hem Pants using Bonding Seam Tape and Hand Stitching

with JJ Burkart

You don't have to take your long pants to the tailor when you can hem pants all by yourself. This video demonstrates DIY, or Do it Yourself, pants hemming, with use of hand stitching and iron-on bonding seam tape.

Transcript: How to Hem Pants using Bonding Seam Tape and Hand Stitching

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for About.com Home. I'm going to show you how to hem a pair of pants.

Materials Needed to Hem Pants

These are the items you are going to need:
  1. Stick pins
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
  5. Needle
  6. Thread matching the pants
  7. A different color thread
  8. Iron-on bonding seam tape

Preparing your Pants for the Hem

First turn the bottom of the pant leg under at the desired length. The best way to do it is if the owner of the pants is wearing them for this step. Use stick pins to secure the fold. Make sure that both legs are at equal length. Remove the pants.

Pinning the Pants Hem

Thread the needle with the different color thread. Use a running stitch and hand sew about 3 quarters of an inch from the bottom of the pants to secure the desired length. Now remove the pins so that you do not poke yourself with them during sewing.

Cutting Pants

Turn the pants inside out. Measure the old hem, add 1 quarter of an inch and mark off from the bottom. Cut along the dotted line to remove the extra material.

Sewing your Pants Hem

Fold the raw edge under about 1 quarter of an inch and pin in place. Make sure to line up creases and seams. Also, make sure the hem is in a straight line.

Thread the needle with the thread that matches the pants and tie a small knot in the end. Stitch the hem with a blind stitch. Push the needle thru the pants above the hem and then back thru the hem. Pull the thread thru the pants and keep snug. Start the next stitch close to the one before. Continue this stitch all the way around. Try to keep the stitches in straight lines as they will be seen on the other side. Tie off the thread and cut off the excess.

Hem Pants with Bonding Seam Tape

Iron-on bonding seam tape can also be used to hold a hem. After folding the pants over and cutting extra material away, place the tape in between the folds and iron over the top. Check the directions for the iron temperature and length needed for ironing. Many iron hems do not work with clothes that have been washed with fabric softer. Carefully read the instructions before using a product.

Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the Web at Homegarden.About.com.

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