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Video:Get Rid of Kitchen Smells

with Jonathon Stewart

Cooking fish and deep frying at home can be real crowd pleasers, but the smelly odors left behind aren't. These quick tips will help leave your kitchen smelling great.See Transcript

Transcript:Get Rid of Kitchen Smells

Hey guys, Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90-second quick tip.

Are you a big fan of baked salmon, garlic-fried chicken, or sauteed onions? Well, me too, but you know who's not: anyone who has to spend time in or anywhere near your kitchen when you're done cooking.

But give these simple deodorizing tips a shot and feel free to stink up the house to your heart's content. And you can tell your family I said that. Check it out:

Cook Apples to Remove Deep Fry Odor

Two of the biggest culprits for causing unpleasant odors in the kitchen are deep frying on your stove top and cooking fish just about any old way.

To nip that deep fry smell in the bud, core and slice an apple into thin layers, while your oil is heating on the stove.

Before cooking any food, submerge and cook until they turn brown. And then you're all set to fry. And, as much as they might seem delicious, I'd recommend not eating the fried apple slices.

Ways to Remove Fish Smells

Fish smells can be tackled a number of different ways. Try simply leaving a small bowl of white vinegar by your burners if you're cooking on the stove top, which help to absorb the particles in the air that can cause smells to linger.

If you're cooking in the oven, try lining your baking dish with aluminum foil so you can easily discard any fish-cooking remnants.

Boil Lemon Water to Get Rid of Fish Odors

These remedies should help keep fish odors to a minimum while you're cooking, but if they're still there when you're done, try this trick.

Bring a pot of water to a boil, and squeeze in the juice from about two or three lemons, and toss in the rinds for good measure.

Boil Spices or White Vinegar

Continue boiling for 20 or 30 minutes, or until your fish smell is completely gone. You can also try tossing cloves, cinnamon, or nutmeg into your stank brew as well.

Some people recommend boiling your white vinegar, which does do a pretty good job of removing the fish smell. The only trouble is that then you've got this vinegar smell hanging in the air, which is just weird.

Use a Spoon to Remove Smell From Hands

If you've got the smell of fish, onions, or garlic on your hands, try rubbing them on a stainless steel spoon, or even the stainless steel divider in your sink, underneath cold running water.

And if you've got garlic on the breath, try chewing on a sprig of fresh parsley. (I think I liked the garlic better.)

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