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Video:How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

with Debbie Anderson

Buying a mattress is a major household purchase. However, with proper care you should only need to buy a mattress once in a long while. See our tips on extending the life of your mattress.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com!

After paying such a high price for a good mattress, it's important to know how to preserve your investment for a good night's sleep. So today, I'm going cover a few tips on things you can do to extend the life of your mattress and make your investment pay off in the years to come!

Use a Mattress Pad

First, use a mattress pad or mattress cover to prevent stains, spills, and other accidents from ruining the mattress' materials, and avoid using the bed for eating and drinking purposes to prevent spills and stains.

Keep Wet Towels Off the Bed

Next, avoid leaving damp towels or other wet objects on the bed which can soil or stain the mattress over time.

Keep Pets on the Floor

In households with pets, keep the animals off of the bed to avoid nasty stains and lingering odors that can drastically reduce the life of the mattress.

Remove Stains Each Month

Next, stay current with monthly mattress maintenance practices by removing all of the bed dressing and the mattress pad or cover and carefully inspect the mattress each month for stains.

Then, remove any stains you find on the mattress with a safe upholstery or mattress cleaner and allow the previously stained area to air dry until it is completely dried.

Next, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to remove any excess built-up dirt on the mattress.

Flip Mattress Monthly

Finally, flip or rotate the mattress 180 degrees every month, alternating flips and rotations from end to end and side to side, to prevent the mattress from sagging over time.

Don't Jump on Your Bed

And as an added tip, avoid jumping or repeatedly landing hard on the bed, because this can also limit the life of your mattress.

With these mattress life extending tips, you're sure to add multiple years of having a good night's rest to your mattress!

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