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Video:How to Clean a Grill

with Zack Heene

Learning how to properly clean a grill is an important thing to know if you do a lot of outdoor cooking and barbecuing. See how easy it is to clean a grill using these instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Grill

Zack Heene for here, showing you how to clean a grill. Regular cleanings of your grill will keep your food tasting great.  

Supplies to Clean a Grill

The items you will need are:
  • a metal wire brush
  • a nylon brush
  • a large bucket
  • a small bucket
  •  liquid soap
  • stainless steel cleaner
  • an old rag and water

Steps to Clean a Grill

Make sure the grill is turned off and is cool.  Take a metal brush and scrub the grates to knock off any remaining food particles.   Turn the grates over and scrub the other side.  After most of the food particles and burnt grease chunks are off, take the grates to a large bucket full of hot soapy water.  Let them soak while you clean the rest of the grill.

Now, if you have a charcoal grill remove the coal grate and use your nylon brush to brush out the insides.  For gas grill like this one, remove briquettes, lava rocks or the metal bars to expose the burners. Put these items in the soapy water with the grates.  If the burners come off easily then remove them to clean.  Use a wire brush and clean off any cooked on food.  Make sure all the pour holes are open and not clogged.  If they are clogged the food will not cook evenly so use the wire brush to clear the burner's pours.

Fill up a small bucket of hot soapy water and get the nylon brush.  Scrub down the whole inside of the grill.  If your burners are still connected, be careful to clean around them.  Push all the burnt food and grease to the trap at the bottom of the grill.  Empty and clean the tray.  If there is still more debris at the bottom, then use a rag to wipe it all out.  

It's time to go back to the large bucket of soapy water and use your metal brush and steel wool to scrub the grates and other items soaking in there.  After they are all clean, reassemble the pieces back inside the grill. You may want to coat the inside surface and the grates with cooking oil spray to help seal and keep the grill clean.  Allow a day to air dry.

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