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Video:Best Stainless Steel Cleaners

with Nick Jaynes

There are many stainless steel cleaning products, but some work better than the rest. Watch this video for the best stainless steel cleaning products.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Stainless Steel Cleaners

Hi I’m Nick Jaynes for and these are a few of the best stainless steel cleaners.Interestingly enough, good stainless steel cleaners are difficult to find. I don’t mean just any stainless steel cleaners are difficult to find, I mean good ones. It took me while to track down ones I could recommend. After some searching, I came up with these three.

Acid-Free and Oil Based Stainless Steel Cleaners Leave No Residue

First we have Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner and polish. What’s nice about sprayway is that it is oil based, contains no acid and will not leave a powdery residue unlike many of its competitors. Hold the can upright and spray until the surface is wet, don’t over saturate, as it will be difficult to remove. Clean with one cloth and then polish with another clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning Polish Removes Streaks from the Stainless Steel Surface

Second we have Cermabrite Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish. Cermabrite contains mineral oil and will quickly remove streaks, hand prints, and other stains. Saturate a clean cloth with Cermabrite and then apply to surface with long, even strokes. Just like Sprayway, polish with another clean, dry cloth.

Some Oven Cleaners Work on Stainless Steel Appliances Too

Lastly we have a bit of an odd ball: Easy-Off Oven Cleaner but it also works really well on stainless steel surfaces like this stove here. Hold the can upright and spray liberally on the surface from a distance of 9-12 inches. Allow Easy-Off to stand for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a wet sponge or cloth.What’s always important to remember when cleaning stainless steel is that you want to wipe in the direction of the brush marks. This will enhance the look and polish of the surface.

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