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Video:Treat Horse Blisters and Sores

with Tina from Kentucky Wildlife

Leaving sores and blisters untreated can be harmful to your horse. Learn how to find, clean, and treat them.See Transcript

Transcript:Treat Horse Blisters and Sores

Hi, my name is Tina and I'm from Kentucky Wildlife for Today I'm going to show you the proper way to treat a blister.

Finding Horse Sores and Blisters

You can find sores on their ankles, they can get bite marks on their chest, they can get fly bites on their bellies, and during this season you have to watch out for tics that can fester in their manes. If you feel down their manes you can find the tick and just pull it out like you would your cat or dog.

Ointments to Treat Horse Sores and Blisters

This is a salve called Furazone. You can use this for any cuts, wounds, blisters that might come up on a horse to keep it from getting infected. We also have Alu Spray, which is the same thing but it's in an aerosol spray. If you come across an injury to your horse, for instance this looks like a little cut or blister of some kind.

Wash and Treat the Sores

You will take soap and water and thoroughly clean it off, get all the debris away from it. Take the Furazone and dab it on there. The main thing is keeping it clean every day, check it the next morning. If there isn't any swelling on it then you know you're on the right track for a good healing.

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